Strategic Studies in Petroleum and energy Industry- Aims& Scopes
Goals and Scope

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The Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES) which is affiliated with the Oil Ministry of Iran, is one of the post-graduate educational and research institutes functioning under the Iran's Science Ministry regulations. The IIES is now known as the hub of the Oil Ministry's strategic researches, taking on the responsibility of managing, out-sourcing, and attracting strategic scholars.
Since 2009, IIES has published a quarterly journal named "Journal of Human Resource Management in Oil industry" which is based on scientific research standards. The main purpose of this quarterly publication is to reflect the latest achievements and studies on key issues, including the challenges of the oil industry in the field of management, as well as the development of management knowledge, especially in the field of human resources, enhancing the skills, abilities and awareness of managers, experts and scholars. It has intended to provide the latest knowledge, analysis and experiences in the field of management to the experts to help them make decisions and apply the nouvelle experiences.
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